Florida CARH is 2013 State Affiliated
Association of the Year

Rick Miscuk, President of Florida CARH, accepted the State Affiliated
Association of the Year Award on behalf of Florida CARH at the CARH
Midyear Meeting in January. Rick has been an asset to National CARH,
actively involved in promoting and supporting all aspects of CARH’s work
on behalf of the industry and also served on CARH’s Board of

Florida CARH was founded in 1985 and is dedicated to
advocating for the financing, development and management of
affordable housing. As an affiliate of National CARH, the leading
advocate serving housing professionals in over 40 states,
FLCARH has followed their mantra of providing a voice for its
members by continuing to push for legislative and regulatory
initiatives that benefit all sectors of the affordable housing industry.
FLCARH provides excellent service to its members through its lobbying
efforts, meetings with USDA Rural Development and other state
representatives, regularly scheduled board meetings, annual meetings,
educational seminars, and by providing up-to-date industry information.
They are dedicated to their members and to the advancement and
continued success of the affordable multifamily housing industry.